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Welcome to experience an international training week in Tampere Finland 21.-25.5.2018! Come and explore an innovative learning environment Proakatemia in action. Get new ideas and tools for learning, entrepreneurship and innovations for your everyday work. Take part in fresh workshops and development of new project ideas and grow your network with new worldwide professionals. And, at the same time have fun and explore the beautiful, historical city of Tampere and amazing nature landscapes of Finland.


At Proakatemia we learn by working together

Proakatemia is an entrepreneurship and team leadership unit of Tampere University Of Applied Sciences. We improve actively our skills in team work and leadership. The studies are implemented in the most practical way. Students start their studies by establishing their own companies in teams. They come up with their own projects with real customers, with money involved. The theoretical studies consist of books, seminars and learning with dialogue. That’s how we build a solid base for entrepreneurship and working life. In Proakatemia students gain a strong professional competence along with advantageous metaskills.

Domestic and international networks of Proakatemia create an opportunity to build large and diverse networks. It eases future employment and gives strong support and fellowship also after graduation.

The main goal at Proakatemia is to encourage entrepreneurship.

But why team learning?

Team learning model enables students to learn major issues in a creative environment, benefiting their dreams and future. The main purpose is to produce unique learning experiences; for one can decide by oneself which subjects one can experience to be useful, and concentrate on them without someone telling you, what and how you should learn.

Therefore, also the teachers role changes; they are no longer the only road to learning, but instead more like a compass which points to the right direction in which the student can navigate towards. Teachers, or as in team learning model – coaches, are still an important component of the learning process, but because the joy of learning, motivation and benefit rise from self guidance, the role is a little different and new. During “Academic Adventures” you will get to hear and learn the secrets to these opportunities of motivating and guiding.

The model isn’t based on any belief, because according to studies learning by doing and self guidance are the most effective ways to learn.


Council for Creative Education (CCE) is an international organisation working in the field of creative education for teachers, students and researchers. CCE arranges training for international educators in the field of creative teaching, creative learning and creative thinking. Our conference series on Creative education has brought many aspects of creativity to light. Educators from more than 35 countries have participated in various training programs and conferences organised by CCE. Diploma in Creative Pedagogy is our signature program.
CCE’s major area encompasses working with young innovative minds and nurturing their creative abilities A creative ideator is a person who innovates and design creative ideas and makes it happen. (S)He is a solution seeker, problem solver and innovative thinker at heart. Council for Creative Education (CCE) Finland believes in innovative powers young minds posses and our goal is to give freedom to explore their innovative ideas, creative abilities going through the process of creating something new.
To achieve these goals CCE has now joined hands with TAMK (Proacademia) for their entrepreneurship education camp to be held in May 2018.

How Proakatemia really works?


You can achieve anything you want

You can achieve anything you want, all depends on yourself. Proakatemia is called the school of dreams. For me, that means that during the studies you can achieve the things that you have always dreamed about. I have always been interested in traveling and different...

Academic Adventure – Journey of A Coach

Teachers around the world are asking the same questions: How could I motivate my students better? How to stay motivated myself? How to overcome the increasing number of obligations and still be able to encounter my students on a personal level? It is a common concern...

How to build team culture?

”If ambition is the driver, inspiration is the fuel.” In Proakatemia,we work in teams, and according to many articles, teams are one of the best ways to get things done in any business. When you are working with independently talented people together, the results are...

Dialogue as a tool

Some might say that we Finns are great listeners. To be honest we ourselves think that we just don’t handle the small talk. It’s easier to be quiet and listen and when you’re not thinking the same way about some topics, it’s not necessary to say it out loud. This is...


What is courage? Oxford dictionary defines it as “the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery”. This is the kind of courage that we’ve heard about when we were kids: from fairytales and Disney films. However, being courageous can mean also a lot of other...

Young entrepreneurship in Finland

During the last couple of years, Finland has become famous of it’s big amount of Start Up -companies. This is mostly the result of Finnish entrepreneurship education, which has grown a lot. A big actor behind the spreading of entrepreneurship in Finland is JA Finland...

Internationalism part of us

Internationalism is not a new concept to anyone. It has been around us for at least  20 years. It is not a concept limited to only business and economy. It is present in our everyday life. We watch, listen, read, eat and breath things coming from other countries....

Dreaming, doing and learning – Projects at Proakatemia

Here at Proakatemia our studies consists of these four main themes: seminars, literature, training sessions and projects. Now I'm going to tell you more about projects and what kind of projects I have been doing during my studies. When we talk about projects it means...

Erasmus exchange – Spreading entrepreneurial mindset to a Dutch university

I knew that I will go for Erasmus exchange even before I knew what I would like to study in university. On my third year of BBA studies in Proakatemia, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, I finally moved to the Netherlands to study for one semester. When I arrived...

Networking in Switzerland

Our school existed for 18 years now and team learning as a way of studying has slowly gotten more known around the world. We as the international team sometimes get to travel and visit different academies abroad. Just last week we were visiting a team academy in...

Learning how to learn

Since you are born you learn new things out of pure curiosity. Once you get a bit older you are expected to study and learn new things at school. But has anyone ever taught you how to learn? I have always loved school and the idea of learning and acquiring new skills....

Individual learning

Today I'd like to introduce you to the three main things I have learned during the last year in Proakatemia (the entrepreneurship unit of Tampere University of Applied Sciences), where learning is very individual and every single student follows their own path. 1....

International Relations at Proakatemia

Usually every university or unit has their own staff which takes care of the international relations. In the same way, also the entrepreneurship and team-leading unit Proakatemia in Tampere University of Applied Sciences, has their own international team. The really...

The Very First Journey of Academic Adventures

It all began in September 2016. How could the Tampere University of Applied Sciences unit of entrepreneurship and team leadership spread it's way of learning and studying with a new concept? As the result of innovation and researches the idea of international week was...

Learning during the ride – What have I learned from Academic Adventures?

Learning during the ride - What have I learned from Academic Adventures?   Academic Adventures is organized by students of Proakatemia, Tampere University Of Applied Science’s entrepreneurship unit. The project team consists of our amazing project manager Kajsa...

The power of networks; Final Camp – Project Nicaragua

The power of networks; Final Camp - Project Nicaragua This March my team Eventa Creative had a respectable guest from the Embassy of Nicaragua in Finland. One of the embassy’s objectives is to enhance the co-operation between Finnish and Nicaraguan businesses. The...

Erasmus exchange; how did the change of learning environment open my eyes?

Erasmus exchange; how did the change of learning environment open my eyes? I love to travel. I am constantly seeking opportunities to go explore. I also wish to live abroad. It’s been a real luck that studying in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Proakatemia...

Learning by doing – a story of independent learning

Learning by doing - a story of independent learning You have no teachers? No lectures? No exams? So how on earth do you learn? Those are very typical questions I get to hear when I explain the learning model in my education unit, Proakatemia. We have all the great...

From group work to team work

From group work to team work Finland, the cradle of the future of education. The country that clocks in top scores on PISA studies year after year, and where governments turn their heads to look for answers in problems with their school systems. A country where the...

You raise me up; thoughts about team learning

You raise me up; thoughts about team learning In the previous post of mine I told you about my path to the school of dreams, Proakatemia. Proakatemia is the entrepreneurship unit of Tampere University Of Applied Sciences and all the learning in our unit is based on...



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