Academic Adventures - the way to unique learning

Academic Adventures is an international training week for staff and teachers all over the world. Event has the purpose of spreading team learning model as wide as possible and getting new development ideas around it. We, as the event organizers, want to gather future learning forerunners and innovators together and encourage team learning model all over the world and that way also to produce more unique learning experiences for students. Academic Adventures staff training week is also eligible for Erasmus+ staff training or teaching mobility grant, please apply at your home university.

At Proakatemia we learn by working together

Proakatemia is an entrepreneurship and team leadership unit of Tampere University Of Applied Sciences. We improve actively our skills in team work and leadership. The studies are implemented in the most practical way. Students start their studies by establishing their own companies in teams. They come up with their own projects with real customers, with money involved. The theoretical studies consist of books, seminars and learning with dialogue. That’s how we build a solid base for entrepreneurship and working life. In Proakatemia students gain a strong professional competence along with advantageous metaskills.

Domestic and international networks of Proakatemia create an opportunity to build large and diverse networks. It eases future employment and gives strong support and fellowship also after graduation.

The main goal at Proakatemia is to encourage entrepreneurship.

At R&D&I we brainstorm, test and implement new products and services

In our R&D&I activities, the professional expertise of TAMK's staff and students' fresh ideas are applied to partners' development needs. Development projects are implemented in living labs, which are real-life test and experimentation environments where users and producers work collaboratively to produce innovative solutions.

Most of our R&D&I projects are extensive development projects implemented together with other higher education institutions, companies, public sector organizations, and non-profit organizations. The projects develop new, broad-based solutions for regional and national needs. At the same time, companies can also develop their product and service selection for future needs.

TAMK's strong expertise in the field of education is being applied in the development of products and services which include an educational component.

But why team learning?

Team learning model enables students to learn major issues in a creative environment, benefiting their dreams and future. The main purpose is to produce unique learning experiences; for one can decide by oneself which subjects one can experience to be useful, and concentrate on them without someone telling you, what and how you should learn.

Therefore, also the teachers role changes; they are no longer the only road to learning, but instead more like a compass which points to the right direction in which the student can navigate towards. Teachers, or as in team learning model - coaches, are still an important component of the learning process, but because the joy of learning, motivation and benefit rise from self guidance, the role is a little different and new. During “Academic Adventures” you will get to hear and learn the secrets to these opportunities of motivating and guiding.

The model isn’t based on any belief, because according to studies learning by doing and self guidance are the most effective ways to learn.