It all began in September 2016. How could the Tampere University of Applied Sciences unit of entrepreneurship and team leadership spread it’s way of learning and studying with a new concept? As the result of innovation and researches the idea of international week was born.

My mission and honour was to lead the whole project from very beginning to the implementation of the event. Academic Adventures 2017 was one of the highlights of my whole BBA studies. I also did my thesis with one of my coworkers, Jane Nurmala, about the project and its effect to Proakatemia’s education export. But why Academic Adventures was so memorable and one of the best things in 2017?


  1. People

When the planning of this project started the first thing to do was to put together a team. I didn’t know well most of our project team members beforehand. Fortunately Proakatemia consists of great people with variety of expertises and personalities which makes the community strong and special. While working tight almost for a year I got more familiar with all and managed to have new friends.

Academic Adventures gathered together professionals of education with more than ten differenet nationalities to Tampere. It was more than a pleasure to meet all these people and share toughts with them in a relaxed environment.

  1. Learning

This event was the first of its kind at Proakatemia. Our student based project team had to create the whole concept and practices from selling and marketing to implementation and programme design by ourselves. There was a lot to do but we weren’t afraid of making too much mistakes because we knew that it is part of learning process in our unit. (As you already might know we learn by doing at Proakatemia😊)

One of the top things I learned during this project was that I don’t have to be he expert in all. There is a reason for sure why working in teams is a rising trend.

  1. Experimentalism

While preparing the project we had a lot of ups and downs as we were trying to create something new without knowing what the old had been. Later it became clear that this was only a good thing since we managed to build a week that gave experiences versatile for different senses from tastes to sights. It was something our participants had never experienced before when visiting other international weeks.

Finnish dishes, sauna and swimming in a lake and visiting the alumni of Proakatemia were just few experiences we had during the event. For me the greatest experience was the arrival of the first guest to Proakatemia at the beginning of week. It realized everything that had been done before the event – these people came here because of our invitation!!


Academic Adventures 2018 is right round the corner. Event is once again organized by the students of Proakatemia. The project team made an inquiry after the 2017 event about what could be improved when preparing this upcoming edition. Our visitors told that they would like to visit Proakatemia and Academic Adventures again so the programme is now designed so that it serves both first-timers and return visitors. This time I won’t be the one who is incharge of arrangements but I will definitely be the one who is enjoying, learning and experiencing the energy of the event and the great people of it!

Have a great start of 2018!


– Kajsa Lundell, project manager of Academic Adventures 2017