Internationalism is not a new concept to anyone. It has been around us for at least  20 years. It is not a concept
limited to only business and economy. It is present in our everyday life. We watch, listen, read, eat and breath
things coming from other countries. There are so many good things coming aside of it. How does it effect our lives
as students? How does it effect on our knowledge and the way of thinking? All these things can be explained by
the possibilities we have in our career opportunities, educational system and the chances the global world brings
to us.

Internationalism as part of our school system

The benefits of internationalism are real in our everyday life as students. We are offered a lot of chances to study
and learn things from the international perspective. Nearly every university offers the chance for students and
teachers to go study abroad. This gives huge benefits to students and teachers to aim into career opportunities
that their own nations do not provide. In that way, the field of future professionals is even more aware of
different cultures and the possibilities in working with different people.

How does our university help us to develop our skills and knowledge in international level?

Tampere University of Applied Sciences gives everyone the opportunity to learn and develop our skills in an
international way. Students have many options to go to exchange into various different countries. There are also
constantly lots of exchange students from all over the world studying at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.
From these exchange students, we can learn a lot without the need to travel our self at all! The Finnish
educational system also requires students to study at least three other languages. This builds a steady base to
start to work and study with people around the world. Students are required and offered to take many courses
with an international point of view. Needless to say, it is difficult to avoid internationalism in our school system!

How is the internationalism present in Proakatemia?

Internationalism shows up in Proakatemia in a really interesting way. Since the students in Proakatemia learn by
doing, the practical aspect is real. It is common that every week there are groups of international guests visiting
the Proakatemia premises and getting introduced to the team learning concept. There is no teachers nor staff
organizing these visits for the guests. All is organized and held by the students itself. This gives a perfect chance to
learn and network worldwide. Internationalism is also present in the projects. A good example of that is Academic
Adventures which is a big event for teachers and principals from all over the world. Academic Adventures is a
project where everyone involved learns international skills from real people in real situations.

– Timo Myöhänen, a student and a member of the International Team of Proakatemia