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You can achieve anything you want

You can achieve anything you want

You can achieve anything you want, all depends on yourself.

Proakatemia is called the school of dreams. For me, that means that during the studies you can achieve the things that you have always dreamed about. I have always been interested in traveling and different cultures. One of my goals is to work someday abroad or in the job where I am able to travel to different countries.

During Proakatemia I have been working a lot to achieve that goal and that is why I applied to the international team in Proakatemia and later I was decided to be the Head of International Relations of this unit.

Last November I got the chance to take the next step towards my goal when I was taking care of the Brazilian visitors. After they had spent the week in Proakatemia, President Stefano and Chief Operations Officer Felipe from the university called UNIS asked if I would be interested to do some kind of project with them. Of course, I was really interested in doing co-operation with them, and together we discuss that I would visit their university from 1 st of March until the end of April 2018.

So now I have been a little bit over a month in Brazil in a city called Varginha. During my stay here I have met a lot of new interesting people from many different countries. Also, I have had a chance to visit different cities and create a lot of new contacts. My project here is to work in this university`s international office and help them to make their unit more international. I also visit different campuses with the international team, and tell to the students about the importance of internationalization and exchange. I have also visited different cities and talked about Finland, entrepreneurship, and Proakatemia to the people in high schools and universities. Experience has been really good so far and I have learned a little bit Portuguese and also a lot about Brazilian culture in life and business. I think it is really important to learn about new cultures first before starting to make business in different countries.

I am also doing my final thesis here in Brazil. My job is to do research about opportunities to export Finnish education into Brazil. Because of that, I have interviewed education experts here in Varginha and also in Sao Paulo and Uberaba cities. So, right now I have a lot of contacts from different parts of Brazil and also from South-America because here in Varginha, I live in a hotel with exchange students all over South-America and also from Africa, the United States and Hungary.

So far, the trip has been successful and I think that Finnish people could learn a lot from Brazilians. Anywhere you go here people are friendly and really make their best to help you with anything you need. Also for Finnish people there could be a lot of opportunities to make business in education sector. Everyone here knows the reputation of Finnish education and the whole country wants to improve their education a lot in following years.

I will travel to Finland at the beginning of May, so that I will be ready to be part of our Academic Adventures international week in Proakatemia. I will tell more about my trip and share my experience during that week for the participants. I hope, I will see many people from different countries participating that week!

– Aleksi Orenius, Head of International Relations of Proakatemia

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