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Join the amazing international week of Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Amazing Adventure into Team Learning

International week for education professionals all around the world

Welcome to experience an international training week in Tampere, Finland 25.-29.5.2020! Come and explore an innovative learning environment, team academy Proakatemia, in action. Get new ideas and tools for learning, entrepreneurship, coaching and innovations for your everyday work. Take part in inspiring training sessions and observe what team learning essentially is in practice. Network with education professionals from around the world – share experiences of learning and thoughts about the future of education. At the same time have fun and explore the beautiful city of Tampere and amazing nature landscapes of Finland.

The event is canceled due to coronavirus. Hope the epidemic goes away quickly. See you next year and stay healty!

” Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Learning by doing

Proakatemia is an entrepreneurship and team leadership unit of Tampere University Of Applied Sciences. We improve actively our skills in team work and leadership. The studies in a team academy are implemented in the most practical way. Students start their studies by establishing their own companies in teams. They come up with their own projects with real customers and money involved. The theoretical studies consist of books, seminars and learning with dialogue. That’s how we build a solid base for entrepreneurship and work-life. 

In Proakatemia students gain a strong professional competence along with advantageous metaskills. Domestic and international networks of Proakatemia also create an opportunity to build large and diverse networks. It eases future employment and gives strong support and fellowship also after graduation.

Experiences from previous years

The most important lesson for me was understanding the importance of ownership with regards to a students learning. The coaching model utilised gifted students the opportunity to learn in a challenging and dynamic way that they had control of. If projects were a success or needed improvements learning opportunities where apparent given the reflective nature of the delivery model used by the staff at Proakatemia.

I had a wonderful experience and the week has directly influenced my attitude towards education and the potential models of delivery. The people made it an experience for me: the staff, students and fellow visitors all added something to the experience that gave me answers, but perhaps more importantly had me asking many more questions.
Paul Spencer, UK
Participant of Academic Adventures 2018
I think the process of coaching and team learning was the most important subject addressed and came to consolidate my desire to change the methods used here in Brazil. Undoubtedly I recommend Academic Adventures! Besides the contents discussed, meeting people from different countries who work with education is very enriching. Also all activities were amazing experiences, including extracurricular activities like sauna, tours, and getting to know Finnish culture.
Antonio Roberto de Oliveira, Brazil
Participant of Academic Adventures 2018
In my opinion, the way that Academic Adventures has been organized is by far superior compared to other international weeks that I’ve experienced. The decision to throw the idea of organizing the event to the team of international relations in Proakatemia couple of years ago has been the best decision ever made. The original idea was only a sketch on half sheet of an A4 paper. The coaches didn’t give the teampreneurs a lot to work on - that said, the results were amazing!
Timo Nevalainen​
Coach at Proakatemia
As a coaches perspective the most valuable lesson I learned from Academic Adventures was that the challenges in high education all around the world are similar. Lack of meaning and decreased motivation. Still I feel that our model is one way to tackle these challenges and as numbers show a quite successful way.

I would recommend the week for others. It is a first glimpse to see new way of studying through team learning and entrepreneurship. On the other hand it’s a great place to meet like-minded people from all around the world.
Joonas Koivumaa
Coach at Proakatemia
The most memorable moment for me was when the first participant arrived to the event venue. At that point I realized all the hard work for making the very first Academic Adventures happen, paid off. These people actually came here because of us. It was also very rewarding to receive positive feedback from the event. Participants told that they genuinely learned something new and were given great pedagogical tools that they could apply in their work immediately!
Kajsa Lundell
Project Manager of Academic Adventures 2017

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