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The power of networks; Final Camp – Project Nicaragua

The power of networks; Final Camp – Project Nicaragua

The power of networks; Final Camp – Project Nicaragua

This March my team Eventa Creative had a respectable guest from the Embassy of Nicaragua in Finland. One of the embassy’s objectives is to enhance the co-operation between Finnish and Nicaraguan businesses. The guest we had is the Minister Counsellor Renée Patricia Gómez and she came to visit us full of enthusiasm and interesting ideas regarding our Final Camp.

You might be wondering, what Final Camp is. It is the final adventure for a team, the final project to showcase what they have learned within their years in Proakatemia. It tests their creativity, flexibility and, above all, their team working skills. The camp usually takes place within the last few months before graduation. It is organized by the team and the project is chosen with regards to the skills of all team members. The idea with the project is that it profits the customer as well as the team, and some compensation for the team is also expected. The compensation can be in form of money, as well as free living and meals. It is common that the camp is situated in a distant and warm location, which is why we chose Central America.


The team from left to right: Saku, Annika, myself, Hannele, Rasmus, Ella, Patricia, Aleksi, Jonna, Noora and Pauliina

Next you might be thinking, how on earth did we manage to get a guest of this calibre to come and meet us. This is a perfect example of the power of networks. The series of events started when I asked my dad if he knew anyone who was from Central America. He mentioned that he had a Spanish teacher in community college who was from Nicaragua. I sent the teacher e-mail, telling her who Eventa Creative is and what kinds of things we are searching for. As it happens, she knew the Ambassador of Nicaragua, Dr Ricardo José Alvarado Noguera, personally. And before I even realized, the Ambassador approached me with an e-mail full of enthusiasm. What I want to highlight here is that you should never underestimate any connection.

The importance of building networks cannot be highlighted too much. My team Eventa Creative is extremely excited about Nicaragua, and the contacts given us by Patricia are worth gold.  There are a lot of networking events arranged around the world, and only by attending, can new networks be built.

– Reetta Koivula, a student at Proakatemia

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