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How to build team culture?

How to build team culture?

”If ambition is the driver, inspiration is the fuel.”

In Proakatemia,we work in teams, and according to many articles, teams are one of the best ways to get things done in any business. When you are working with independently talented people together, the results are a way more better than no one can expect. Further I list, in my opinion, the five most important steps how to build a team culture.

1. Create a team-oriented organization
At Proakatemia teamwork is a self-evidence but usually it is not like that. Teamwork should be one of the values in organizations. In companies, when working in teams, leaders and managers really should give responsibilities and trust to make teams do their own decisions and actions. If employees have a feeling that they are doing meaningful job, it will improve the results in the future.

2. Assign serious team goals
At Proakatemia, we can do projects as we like and because of that, usually the projects are something we are interested in and what we feel important. Also in organizations, the tasks what team needs to solve, should be something important – not just planning one social evening just like any other year. Challenging employees to work harder and find solutions to a real problem, can give answers what you haven’t even thinked about earlier. Also thoughts from the employees, keeps the company fresh and ahead of the game.

3. Understand the difference
I have noticed during the studying, that more you understand other team-members’ backgrounds and expertise, the more you can actually learn from them. Some are good at doing websites and some can sell anything between sky and the ground. I think that if employees in a big organizations could understand other workers different workstasks, areas and roles, they could make better decisions that benefit the company as a whole. Changing work-tasks and getting to know you co-workers and managers, appreciation to others work should increase.

4. Provide team resources
No matter how talented a company’s individuals might be, teams cannot be successful without the proper resources. Teams need time and a place where they can meet regularly. At Proakatemia, teams meet at least two times a week when they are having a dialogue-session. One training session last 4 hours and during this time, team uses dialogue as a tool to get to know each others and develop themselves. Besides this, usually teams have also decide time for their weekly-meetings etc. Companies should give time also teams in there, have their own meeting without any supervisors. Open dialogue will create a teamspirit which will effect straight to work’s productiveness. Communication is the most important tool in a leader’s toolkit.

5. If you are not conscious about what culture you want to build, culture will happen. This sentence is the most important learning what I’ve got from Proakatemia. Find the encourage to make a change and let teams take lead. People remember what they started or owned, not what they’ve said they need to do.

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– Reeta Vuotila, a student at Proakatemia and the project manager of Academic Adventures 2018


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