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Academic Adventure – Journey of A Coach

Academic Adventure – Journey of A Coach

Teachers around the world are asking the same questions: How could I motivate my students better? How to stay motivated myself? How to overcome the increasing number of obligations and still be able to encounter my students on a personal level?

It is a common concern that young people seem have become quicker and less patient. This makes it more difficult than before to engage their interest and succeed in motivating them. Social media is filled with interesting and carefully prepared multimedia content and teaching materials are facing an entirely new kind of competition.

Necessary change

In the future, students are expected to learn a range of skills outside the specialist subject knowledge of their chosen field of expertise. The focus will shift to learning to learn, critically evaluating new information, teamwork skills, dialogue, feedback and innovation skills, as well as skills in leading oneself and own processes of growth. Lifelong learning is an essential condition for thriving in the future.

Many people in schools and universities today will end up in jobs that we cannot even imagine today. How could we focus in our teaching on particular tasks and subject matter areas? The most important thing will be to equip our students with skills needed in finding and gathering relevant information, applying it in practice and being flexible in rapidly changing situations. It is also important that the students will, already
during their studies, gain confidence in their own abilities and, consequently, courage to make independent decisions. Coaching will provide excellent tools and methods for realizing this necessary change.

Mindset of A Coach

What kind of a change is required if you wish to change your own modus operandi into that of a coach?
Changing your role means taking an entirely different and revolutionary attitude towards the learners, knowledge and competences. The most central factor in the process is changing your mindset. It is a matter of trusting the students and relinquishing and creating space for them. The most challenging steps on this journey are the first ones. The change means focusing on learning, development and growth instead of controlling assignments and taking the opportunity to regain one’s enthusiasm anew each day! It means tolerating one’s own

Academic Adventure week is a great opportunity for you to experience yourself what it feels like to take part in a coaching process and what the everyday studies based on team coaching can be like. Welcome to join us on the journey of a lifetime!

– Liisa Heinonen, a coach at Proakatemia
(Translation: Timo Nevalainen)

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