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Go Big or Go Home – Proakatemia’s Final Camp

Go Big or Go Home – Proakatemia’s Final Camp

Proakatemia offers a lot of different possibilities for internationalism. One of the biggest international projects we have during our studies is a project called final camp. Final camp is an international project students execute together with their team before graduating. It is part of the school’s curriculum. The project can be for example a marketing plan for a hotel in Thailand or a festival that takes place in Germany.

The students are given free hands with Final camp. They can plan it in a way that works the best way for their studies and learning. The so called “rules” for this project are only that it needs to be executed with an international company or organization somewhere in the world and the students organize the whole project from beginning until the end. The general rule also for our projects in Proakatemia is that the projects generate a cashflow. 

Each team have their own way to start planning their final camp. It is common that the team gathers and discusses what would they like to do as a final project together and what kind of a place or country would be ideal for that project idea. For this decision-making process teams can use different kind of innovation tools. Later team members decide who is the project manager and which people are part of the project team. The project team together will start working from here as they see fit for their team.

The project team will usually start by planning a time line for the whole process. They plan what kind of things need to get done in the near future and what right before the actual project is happening. Finding and managing a project abroad for around 15 to 20 people is not an easy task.

After the project team has made a plan and a goal for their final camp, they will start contacting different people and companies in Finland an abroad, old graduates, coaches, teachers, anyone who could help them find further contacts.

Final camp is an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about doing business in Finland and abroad, building contacts and network, writing formal emails and having business negotiations through Skype. The students need to negotiate their salaries, work hours and write their own contracts. They need to take into consideration all possible scenarios such as if the client isn’t happy with their job or if someone gets sick. Teams also need to understand the financial matters of this project. They need to make a budget and calculate how much money the team needs so that all expenses will be paid such as flights and hotels.

It has been an absolute pleasure for me organizing our team’s final camp with three other team members. Our team will go to final camp next October to Namibia. There is still a lot of work to be done but also a lot of great learning experiences behind us. Until now our most important learning experience has been contacting different international companies and organizations in Finland and abroad. During this project I am really looking forward to learning more about sponsorship and writing formal contracts but also being in contact with new business people and organizing the actual work days in Namibia.


Titta Keisala

Student of Proakatemia and member of team Kajo

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