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Tiimidiili 2019

Tiimidiili 2019

Every spring in Proakatemia the coaches organize an event called “Tiimidiili” (roughly translated as Team deal) for the students. The idea of the event is that the students work in their own teams competing against the other teams, trying to solve whatever the task is that they’re given. The students do not get any information about what is to come before the event. The only thing that they are informed about are the dates when the event takes place and an approximate schedule for the dates.

This year’s “Tiimidiili” was organized on 24th to 26th of April. The event was organized in collaboration with Startup Tampere community. The students were given two different tasks to work on. The first task was to create some kind of a Startup, a product idea and business model targeting growth in international markets. The winner of this category gets access to a startup accelerator program. The second task was to come up with a product targeting maximum sales in the annual Proakatemia Sales Days. The 1st and 2nd price winners of this category will get sales boost in Proakatemia Sales Days.

First Day

On the first day of the event after the opening ceremony the students were advised to divide into two inside their own teams to work on these two tasks. Then they were given an hour to come up with three different ideas on both categories and to plan a pitch for every idea. The students would then pitch the ideas to all the other teams, coaches and organizers. During the pitches the teams were given feedback about their ideas. After the pitches the teams were advised to select one idea to work on or come up with a new one. Later that day the students participated in seminars and received information about the startup world and prototyping. After the seminars the students went on to work on their ideas and getting ready for the following day’s Mid-Pitching.

Second Day

The second day of the event began with seminars about Customer Development and Validation. After those the students had some time to work on their ideas and pitches before the Mid-Pitching. Every team gave their pitches about a product idea for the Proakatemia Sales Days and about their idea for the Startup. Some of the ideas were totally new ones and some were already existing products in some of the teams. This was a good chance to work on those existing ideas as well. The students were again given valuable feedback about their pitches from the other teams and a guest member experienced in the startup world. After the pitches the teams went back to work on their ideas and presentations for the next day’s Final pitch.

Third Day – The Final Pitch

Then the last day of the event came and it was time for the final pitches. All of the teams would gather to the Stage in Proakatemia to witness what the final pitches would be about. Would there be same but improved ideas that they’ve already heard about or had the teams come up with something else. There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the atmosphere. The winners for the two categories were selected by jury consisting of coaches and guest members.

The winner for the Start Up category was a team called Hutive with their app for scanning products in the supermarkets helping the customers to select more environmentally friendly products. The 1st place in the Sales Days category won a team called Morma with their Vietnamese coffee. 2nd place went to a team called Future Unicorns with their product Agli socks. The team sells few different pair of socks with funny graphics on them.

All in all, this year’s “Tiimidiili” was a great experience. It is amazing how much we can do in just couple of days. The teams seemed to have fun and it was incredible to witness the end results of every teams’ ideation processes. All of the teams had good ideas but sadly only three were selected this year’s winners. I wonder what next year’s “Tiimidiili” will be like.


Anna Vikman

Member of Team Kajo and Project Manager of Academic Adventures

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