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The Story of A “Swinnish” Brand

The Story of A “Swinnish” Brand

International collaboration between Finnish and Swiss Team Academies

It all began from from the learning journey in Sierra, Switzerland on the January 2018 and when the we Finns had the experience of the fondue dinner in Switzerland. The dinner culture of fondue doesn’t exist in Finland. Still, we found that Finnish people could enjoy a melting cheese and sharing the social event together. An idea sprang among the group of teampreneurs: why not organize such an experience in Finland?  That’s how we found our brand Fondue POPUP. Another great upside of putting this idea into practice would be the collaboration between the two countries.

First, we needed to find a fondue cheese sponsor for the plan of researching the market for it in Finland.The company “Walker” from Valais answered our request to make this international project come true by giving us 50 kilos of fondue cheese named “Fondue Aletsch”. The next step was to find a place to arrange the popup event. because of the networks that already existed in Finland, the place was found very easily. It was a cafeteria in ground floor of an old building located right in the city centre. The atmosphere of the place was perfect to create the romantic cheese&swiss fondue night!

We promoted the event mainly in social media. We opened instagram account where we told our brand story. The other action to promote the event was an experimental marketing we did by handing flyers wearing cheese customs on. At least we arouse interest among many people with our funny look!

Finally the Fondue POPUP project was launched in Finland between the 11th to the 29th of March 2019. Even though there wasn’t a big crowd coming to our popup, we succeed to have customers for each day. We also made some activities for our guests while they waited their cheese dinner to be ready. We asked them a questions about the Swiss culture and played traditional Swiss music on the background. The general feedback we received of the popup was positive.

Doing the project with a group of 15 teampreneurs may not be realistic to make a successful business the first time round. The vision for making the project a competitive business would only be the next step. Email, Skype meetings and Whatsapp conversations were used to manage the project internationally. The communication between the project managers from Switzerland and from Tampere Finland was working better than expected between two different cultures. Till the very last day of the project, we managed to communicate things without any conflicts and significant misunderstandings.

According to the Motorola, the reason for this success was trust that we had started to build since the learning journey of Finns one year ago and the energy and the motivation towards the brand we had built together. There wasn’t any fear of a failure because of the strength of the team’s support and the atmosphere that allowed us to give honest feedback to each other. The overall learning experiment we got from doing the project together brought a value that was far beyond just monetary!


Evianna Sipilä

Member of the International Relations Team of Proakatemia and part of the Academic Adventures Crew

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