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Motorola Feedback Tool

Motorola Feedback Tool

Motorola is a feedback tool that is very commonly used in Proakatemia. The Motorola questions used in Proakatemia are the following:

  1. What was good?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. What did I learn?
  4. What will be taken into practice?

Motorola changed a bit from its original form, that was used in the American company, Motorola. The tool was good in Motorola’s project reports. In Proakatemia, the tool is used literally everywhere. It’s used after training sessions, after projects, after presentations and even before projects as premotorola.

I like the Motorola feedback tool because of it’s simple, but effective, questions. Because they are easy, it can be used at any situation. I rank feedback among the most important things in life, so it’s only natural that I want to get feedback during my studies. I also want (and like) to give feedback. It plays a key role in one’s improvement both as a teampreneur and as an individual. You need feedback from others in order to improve. Motorola again offers an effective tool for that.

In Academic Adventures team learning week the participants will experience Motorola being used in practice. The feedback tool will be explained and taught. Using it yourself, you will also understand it’s effectiveness. It allows you to summarize your thoughts and experiences, and communicate them clearly and in a way that the recipient can improve his/hers skills.


Jaakko Koljonen

Student of Proakatemia and member of team Kajo

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