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Learning From Literature and Essays

Learning From Literature and Essays

Our studies in Proakatemia consist of projects, literature and essays, seminars, team learning and coaching, free choice studies and final thesis. Literature consists 24% of our studies in Proakatemia and it is an important part of the learning process. The students read mostly business-related books and write essays. The purpose in the essays is to reflect on what the student has learnt from what they have read. The students are free to choose the topics.

The essays are published online publicly in Proakatemia esseepankki, roughly translated as ‘bank of essays’ of Proakatemia. Most of the written essays are in Finnish since it is the official study language of Proakatemia, but writing is English is also allowed and in fact desirable.

There are three kinds of essays in Proakatemia. The students get points from writing essays, which are then transformed into credits.

The first category is content for a website. The texts are short and concise, and they are published online in some kind of a blog. It can be the blog in the website of Proakatemia, team company’s own blog, personal blog or a blog of a project. The student will need to have a source for the blog post. It can be an article, book, seminar, etc. For one blog post a student will get one essay point.

The second category is individual essays. A student reads a book and writes a reflective essay, in which he brings the theory into practice. The sources don’t always have to be books, they can also be a webinars or TED Talks, business related articles, etc. The books or the other sources are chosen by the teampreneurs themselves. For writing an individual essay, the student will read at least one book or use several other sources. Student gets two essay points per individual essay.

In the third category the students get to practice academic writing. In this category two to four teampreneurs write together an academic essay. For the essay the need to read several books and have several types of sources. There must also be much more content compared to individual essays. From this type of essay, the student gets three essay points.

The teampreneurs are required to write and publish a certain number of essays in a year. These limits are guided together by the board of Proakatemia, which consists of teampreneurs, one from every team and the head coach.

If you are interested in reading essays written in English by the teampreneurs, you will find some in here.


Anna Vikman

Project Manager of Academic Adventures

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