Academic Adventures


What is Academic Adventures?

International week into team learning

It introduces the concept of team learning as a teaching method. The first Academic Adventures was organised in 2017 and this is the third year of its operation. The idea of Academic Adventures originally came from the coaches of Proakatemia.

Networking and experiences

They wanted to arrange an exciting teacher exchange, and an international week for educational professionals from every corner of the world. Main goal of the week is to get inspired by the team learning model together.

Spreading the knowledge

The functionality of the team learning model has already been proven in the context of Proakatemia. Our opinion is, that the knowledge and skills can be carried outside the borders of Finland. Through Academic Adventures we want you to experience it in action!

What is Team Learning?

Team learning in its simplicity means learning by doing together. The main purpose for team learning model is to produce unique learning experiences. In team academies there are no teachers, no lectures, no exams and no classrooms. A student or as we call ourselves, a teampreneur can decide which topics are experienced to be useful and concentrate on them. There are no limits with the subject or a line of business to learn. Neither are there any rules with how you should learn.

Team learning requires commitment and attendance, which means that a motivation for self-improvement is necessary. Through team learning one becomes aware about individual strengths and weaknesses as a team member and an entrepreneur.

Why does this model work?

Responsible way to learn

In team learning there is no authority to give the students tasks or feedback. There are no exams or grades. This means that students have to take responsibility themselves in order to learn and make progress as a team and as individuals. Instead of studying for exams they search information and acquire knowledge about things they are genuinely interested in. They bring the theory into action through projects and workshops.

Bravely towards the storm

At the heart of team learning there is curiousness and brave action. Students of a team academy develop courage to take on a challenging or totally out-of-their-comfort-zone project they might not have thought of without the team learning environment. They might not have all the skills or knowledge to do it, but with the support of their team they are willing to learn everything that is needed. Challenges and even failures are seen as opportunities that teach entrepreneurial skills.

Communal way of learning

Team learning is about doing and learning together. This means that the students not only transfer and share old knowledge and skills, but also create something completely new. Each team is a mix of personalities and consists of people with different backgrounds and skills. This enables the team to achieve much more than just an individual. A team is always more than the sum of its members.


Creating and sharing goals together and through shared experiences students develop a deep connection to the team. The power and support of the team lifts learning motivation to the next level. The students’ thirst for knowledge and new opportunities grows along with their studies. They are genuinely dedicated to what they do as they understand the connection between learning and work-life.

Inquiry-based learning

An important way of learning at team academy happens through training sessions. The students sit in a circle and go through dialogue together about a chosen topic. It is not about sharing opinions and getting results, but especially about listening to others and building mutual understanding. Training sessions also enable spreading silent knowledge.

Solution-focused thinking

In the center of learning there are problems and the task of solving them. Complete problem-solving demands the use of new information and different kind of methods. This is what team learning model enables by encouraging students to find solutions and try them out. 


Learning at Proakatemia

The entrepreneurship and team leadership unit, team academy of Proakatemia was established in Tampere University of Applied Sciences in 1999. It began its journey with only one team. The growing interest of the model has lead into moving the location of Proakatemia from one place to another. Today there are eight operating teams in Proakatemia.

Nowadays the functionality of the model is no longer controversial and it doesn’t have to prove itself. Numbers, like percentages of students’ employment and recommendations, speak for themselves. Now there are team academies all around the world and practicing the learning model is spreading wider, over different education programs, also in Finland.

Proakatemia offers coaching for teachers interested in implementing the team coaching model in their own schools and programs. We have already trained over 200 university teaching staff members in several universities in Finland and internationally.

About Tampere

Tampere is a beautiful city in the inland of Finland. It was established in 1779 and has a long history as an industrial city. It is even referred to as the “Manchester of Finland”. Proakatemia is located in a beautiful Finlayson area which is part of the Tammerkoski rapids national heritage site.

Today Tampere is the center of technology, research, education, culture and entrepreneurship. The city has over 220 000 inhabitants which makes it the third biggest city in Finland.

Surrounded by two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, Tampere is a combination of beautiful Finnish nature and architectural design. 

The city has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a lot of cafes and design shops. There are also a lot of different sport activities and park areas to enjoy your time outdoors.

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